Supporting Innovation and Growth in the Speech Industry

Call for Papers!

Check out your dusty bookshelves and filing cabinets! The STC is soliciting papers, manuals, documentation, marketing materials and "hard to find" artifacts that document the systems and techniques that can aid prior art searches.

Check out the SpeechMap project

SpeechMap Alpha 1.0 provides annotated references to art in the speech industry to facility both prior art and basic research.

STC assists West in win against Phoenix.
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STC at Mobile Voice

Check out presentations from the Patent Panel at Mobile Voice!

Call for Members!

Support the STC by joining today. Send a message to membership@ speechtechnologyconsortium .org!

STC and the USPTO

The STC is working closely with the USPTO on two initiatives:

    • New indexing techniques to improve Prior Art searching
    • The Peer-to-Patent initiative

More info to come!

STC Overview

The STC is dedicated to helping grow the market and increase innovation in speech recognition technology and applications. The STC aims to foster an environment of cooperation among companies, universities, and research institutions.

The initial focus of the STC is on the patent system. The STC will create shared resources for members and help facilitate non-litigation dispute resolution so that everyone can focus on the business of bringing innovative speech applications to their customers.

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The STC was officially formed in December 2009 as a corporation and is in the process of filing for nonprofit status as a trade organization.