Supporting Innovation and Growth in the Speech Industry

Board of Directors

The STC founding BoD is comprised of technologists and attorneys who have worked together for the past year to create an organization that can help large and small companies alike.

STC Status

The STC was officially founded in December 2009 as a corporation and is in the process of filing for nonprofit status as a trade organization.

Mobile Voice 2011 Panel on Patent Policies

In-House Counsel Perspective on Patent Policy

Jeff O’Neill
Yap General Counsel

Speech Technology Consortium and the SpeechMap Project

Marie Meteer, Executive Director
Speech Technology Consortium

Trends in Intellectual Property Against Speech Patent Trolls

Ria Schallnat
Frost, Brown, Todd LLC

Mobile Voice 2010 Panel on Patent Policies

The patent office today deals with subjects far beyond what the founding fathers envisaged when they created it. Issues of what to patent and when, as well as the best way to deal with patent suits, are areas that most companies would like to ignore, but can’t today. This panel will provide some insights into handling these issues, with participants familiar with patents on speech technology and applications.

Working with the USPTO

Mark R. Powell

Director, Technology Center 2600


Reexamination: An Alternative To Litigation

Ria Farrell Schalnat

Frost Brown Todd LLC


Speech Technology Consortium: It takes a village

Marie Meteer

Executive Director, STC